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AppCleaner is a free uninstaller for Mac that searches for and lets you delete all the settings, caches and other junk files programs you delete that would otherwise remain.

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Read More. In addition to lists of installed applications and currently-mounted volumes; folders, the dock, external devices and other default icons are separated by type. Here's how to get a classic look, complete with icons and fonts, on your modern Mac. Icon files should be square, with a ratio.

Change Your Mac's Folder Icons and Give Them Some Personality

And How to Fix It When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina display this time last year, they raised the bar for laptop display technology, as they previously did for the smartphone and tablet industries. The only issue they Supposedly, it does wonders! A completely non-pixelated screen?

View full description. Softonic review CandyBar allows you to customize icons in your Dock. Note: CandyBar is now free, but unsupported. You can now customize the Just launch the app and click the big "Update" button to get the latest IconData. You can still customize the indicator lights!

CandyBar, although simply changing files on disk, has always fallen into a slightly-uncomfortable-for-us grey area of existence. It seems clear to us that there will undoubtedly come a time soon?

Customize your Mac Dock and icons

So, what do we do? Further release information can be found here.

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Img2icns Convert images into icons. FolderTeint Fix Leopards folder icons. Download CandyBar 3.

Download for Mac. User reviews about CandyBar Review. If you get tired of your custom icons, you can always restore your Mac's default icons. Simply open CandyBar and click the Restore Icons button. Matthew Cone is a technical writer living and working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In his free time, he does the desert rat thing and hikes and road bikes around the Southwest.

Working with icons

The rest of the time, he studies straw-bale houses, reads Anarchist philosophy, and pretends to not be working. You can email him at: matt macinstruct. The place to learn about your Mac. Tips and tutorials for novices and experts. Downloading and Installing CandyBar Before you can start swapping icons, you'll have to download the CandyBar application.

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Here's how to do it: Launch the CandyBar application. From the File menu, select Import, and then select the file type you'll be importing. Select the file. Click Open. Changing Your Mac's Icons There are two approaches to changing your Mac's icons: You can use a complete set of icons to replace all of your Mac's icons, or you can take a piecemeal approach and mix and match icons. You'll know when you're working with a complete set of icons, because when you select the set you'll see these buttons: Here's how to use a complete set of icons: To replace all of your Mac's default icons with the icons in the set, click the Use These Icons button.

Give CandyBar a couple seconds to change the icons. After the "Changes are ready to be applied" bar appears at the top of the window, click Apply Icons. CandyBar will require you to authenticate.