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Thanks Squishy Tia. It did seem to help with the numerous crashes. All those panics may have hastened its death. The was heralded by Mac Pro users as the quietest card compared to other offerings when I was first researching all of this earlier in No known workaround exists.

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Despite these being DP1. This is a relief as Mac Pros are very quiet as is and any audible noise from a fan is extremely irritating. I have a Mac Pro 1,1 running I feel a bit stuck. I am having wake issues and other crashes with the NEC tech support said they had no reports of the GeForce card being a problem. Who knows?

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Installed a in my 1st gen Mac Pro a couple of days ago. This combination is working fine for me, except for two issues. Occasionally, after the Mac wakes up from sleep, the monitor does not light up. Power cycling the monitor, or detaching and reattaching the video cable, restores normal operation. NEC claims that they are getting many reports on this, and that it is due to DisplayPort cables which are not built to spec. But I am using the cable that they provided with the monitor, which they claim should work, plus a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter.

I do not see the wake-from-sleep problem if I use a DVI cable. This for me is a bit like some say yes and some say no on certain cards for certain model Mac Pros. Would it be possible to get a clean list for , Mac Pros of cards that do work that can be acquired easily?

I am looking for a cheap way to hang a small third monitor on my MacPro1,1.

The Fix for Multiple Display Problems OS X 10.9.3 – is 10.9.4

Is there such an animal out there? What other options are there? Thanks to OWC Grant for the quick reply.

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I had a private email exchange with Rob-ART at BareFeats, in which he reported that, when mounted in that computer, the card sometimes fails to recognize a monitor. To get the monitor to light up, he has to unseat and reseat the Mini DisplayPort connector. My Mac Pro is in a location that would make this very inconvenient.

Rob-ART speculated that the bug might be fixed with a firmware or driver update. Does OWC sell the Apple-compatible version of the ? If so, is the card returnable if it does not work for me? If I install the in my MacPro1,1 quad core 2. Or are you still claiming that only the DVI output will work? My reason for buying the card would be to get the DisplayPort, which carries bit per channel color. DVI only carries 8-bit per channel. Are there any other cards which run in the first generation MacPro and have DisplayPort output?

SO…if you are running My nvidia GT just died on me. So this is a interesting story. The Apple proprietary operating system and hardware are not tested by Dell on this monitor. So this will be best guess support. You should also post on the Apple Discussions Forum and see if they can offer some insight or troubleshooting steps. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Thanks in advance, SG. I followed your advice and Regards, Nelson. Another issue I have come up with is that the Time Machine restore will not work with multiple monitors enabled. Then remove that setting once you have finished. All the displays will jump back to normal after that. Im running Is one of them a powered link device. They call it a dual-link display adapter.

You need one of the three display links to be using the dual-link. The pro only has the power to display 2 displays without the assisted poser in from another USB power device. This is what the dual-link is designed to do. Actually not for me. I found that the second monitor dropped out initially. I then rebooted and all is fine. Try a reboot and or unplugging the monitors and putting the back in a different order.

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In short, I have the same physical setup and 3 monitors working fine in Yosemite. Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Hi,I hope this can help.

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Fortunately i did the update only yesterday, cause this issue was solved basically in september, so many months without solutions!! Yes, things are a little flaky for me still. Every time I restart the computer I need to remove then re-attach one of the monitors to get it to be seen by the system. Not really a solution, but I think I will just update to 4k monitors and be done with this. Running OS X Yosemite I have the same problem j. Just got off the phone with apple support after 2 hours they want me to call back tomorrow.

Hdmi port and port 4 were working then all of a sudden hdmi port stopped working and port 1 worked but never more than 2 monitors working. If anybody has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Otherwise I foresee many hours on the phone with support. I also have a Macbook Pro running For a few versions of Yosemite my additional 3 monitors worked fine. Now I can only use one I have a 2nd Macbook Pro And yes — I have used different monitors across each.

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Any ideas? I have resorted to a broadcast HDMI Distribution Amplifier, but it has not solved the issue — although it registers both the input signal and two connect displays to send the source signal to, neither of the additional 2 screens show anything. I upgrades to 3 apple 4k displays and have never looked back. Great displays and finally the thing worked as I would expect.