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It has two formats WPA and wpa2 this is advance. But still, you can hack using the following 2 techniques. In this, the hacker creates a wordlist or Dictionary with the help software like crunch.

How to Hack WiFi on Android Easily?

You just have to give some instructions to crunch how to create wordlist like words max length, minimum length character you want to include etc. After making wordlist, you need software that applies these words as a password. Aircrack is the most famous for Hacking wifi network. I mean it is easy to hack that type of wifi network. Fluxion attack: This is my favorite one. In this hacker show WiFi user something like this. When the user enters the correct password his connection established again. Here is the tutorial using word list attack and Fluxion. In this only allowed devices are able to connect the network.

You can view the WiFi network and try to connect to the network. Every device has a unique mac address. With the help of mac, address admin allows only his device to connect the WiFi. All other devices are unable to connect. Then the system allows you to connect to the wifi network.

Hack android phone with kali

Kali will automatically find all connected device to a particular network. After finding it you can change your mac address using macchanger. I will suggest you run Kali Linux. Anyway once you find mac address then you can change your mac here is video tutorial. Linux Tutorial: Linux is always preferred for hacking. After installation follow this process. Android tutorial: If you are an android user then you have to find mac address like window user. You have to root your phone. After rooting you can change mac address using WiFi mac changer app.

In windows os then there is hidden wifi network available then os will show you a symbol of the hidden network. If you try to connect to the network then it will ask you wifi network name. The moral there is no benefit of hiding wifi network.

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  • I mean if people find there is a hidden wifi network then first they will try to guess wifi network name. If not they will search on the google and read this article to learn how to hack wifi network. Window tutorial: finding a hidden network name is easy as on Windows as compared to WPA security. WPS stands for wireless protected Setup but it will insecure your network. In this, there is 8 digit pin you can use this pin as a password.

    In the list are the links, the name and model, and also the main characteristics of each long-range antenna. Therefore, once the hacker has a long-range antenna in its possession, it will search for Wifi networks that do not have a password to enter. The most feasible solution is to have your router password-protected and make it rare enough to be considered secure. Semi-open nets are nets that, unlike open nets, are not available to everyone.

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    • Some neighborhood communities tend to use this type of system. Juicy systems for a hacker, you might say. Once all the above steps are known, we reach the point where a hacker cannot find a wireless network that is open or semi-open. Therefore, the only way to have free internet to do and undo is to decrypt a WiFi network with a password. Even if your router is of this or that make, model or even price, it will have its vulnerabilities. In data processing, called holes or bugs. And in fact, you could say that for each hole there is a program developed and available on the Internet.

      In this way, these are the programs and applications that allow you to audit and obtain the WiFi keys of any router:. Some of these applications may use files that enter the router in question wirelessly to unlock your password. These files will never compromise the router or the computers or devices connected to your computer.

      Spoofing MAC Address on Android Devices

      Therefore, the best way to test the security of a router with these programs is to start with your own. There are many programs in this category. However, perhaps the best currently is BackTrack. It is now in version 5. What can this program do?

      How To Change the MAC Address on your Android Device

      Simple, decrypt all types of keys in less than 10 minutes. Bruteforcing takes longer but it has the highest chance of success. Wordlists are used in tools like Aircrack-ng as a way to hybrid-attack the grabbed handshake. Please do the needful. How I view my WiFi password on my android without rooting my phone? I also use root explorer but it's not working.. Just reset your router setting by putting needle in router's small hole and wait until lights turn off.

      Please can help me , i want to hack wifi password by using ip address and i forget password please my best help eme. If the WIFI has mac filtering then you can just spoof your mac to one authenticated mac address. It should be really easy no need to crack password and you'll be able to access wifi. I'm not sure if I understand this correct. Let's say that a network is using two step verification and you spoof your MAC adress to the MAC of an already connected device. Is it then possible to run a dictionary against the network?

      Because right now after spoofing I even can't get acces to it and I doubt the dictionary attack will work.. If it has two step verification. If the password is automated by Admin PC or Router then it would be difficult to crack it using dictionary coz its too big, almost characters all mix.